Mapnik/Rendering OSM XML data directly

I’m new to OSM and Mapnik, have today installed Python 2.7, Mapnik etc.
I am trying to run a test rendering as per

If fails with a report
Must have face-name or font-set name in style 'highways
and I can’t find how to get round it.

I’ve checked that the fonts folder is in the mapnik-v2.0.0/lib/mapnik, and mapnik-v2.0.0/lib is in the system path
The entries in the Wiki-supplied style file are:


Help, please!

I used to render some maps using a mix of OSM data in a Postgresql database and local data in the OSM XML format but that broke a while back. When I posted in the areas the Mapnik developers use I was basically told to get lost. Even though their documentation still shows support for the OSM XML format they aren’t really supporting it. I ended up changing my scripts around to load my local data into different tables in the database and then did all the rendering out of the database.

Maybe remove the brackets from:
<TextSymbolizer name=“[name]” fontset_name=“[book-fonts]”