Mapnik osm.xml style file for main map?

Can anyone help me track down the Mapnik style file used to render tiles for the main map?

I’ve been using code from the project for generating tiles, but the style file (osm.xml) is not the same one used to render tiles for the main map. For comparison, this tile on the main map is rendered as this image by the style file contained the the rendering/mapnik project.

I’ve found the trac project where changes to the style are tracked, but cannot find the style source itself. Any ideas? Many thanks.

I think that is the style file that is used for the main map.
Note that file has links to include a number of other files, ie everything in the directory. So if rendering from that, you will have to make sure you have a copy of all of those as well.

Thanks Vclaw.

I’ve built the style file from the files in the inc directory (using, and it was the result of this that produced sample tile in my original post. It is clearly not the same mapnik style. I’ll try and email the mapnik team at OSM for this.

How are you rendering the maps, what data source are you using? Are you loading the OSM data into a PostGIS database, then reading from there? This is the usual way of using Mapnik.

Or are you using Mapnik to read directly from the OSM XML file? I think this has some limitations, so doesn’t work properly with the standard style files. Some details here:

Otherwise, try asking on the ‘dev’ mailing list. There’s probably someone there that knows how it works.

This is exactly how I’m rendering the maps.

Thanks for this suggestion, I’ll give it a try.