Mapnik (local install) doesnt render streets at closer zoom levels

Hello all, Im pretty new to OSM, but would like to contribute something. Therefore I’m first trying to re-create my own tileserver for offline usage. I would very much like it to be an exact copy of the server, because I have a client that can render those maps pretty good.

However Im running into a problem, my streets dissapear on closer (higher) zoom levels, whilst they don’t on

I have installed postgresql/postgis like the website and got osm2pgsql from svn and ran it on the netherlands.osm.bz2 from
I have the latest mapnik 0.6 installed and checked out the mapnik folder from svn containing the osm.xml and installation scripts.

All is fine and mapnik is rendering with no errors. So I installed mod_tile and experimented a bit, until I noticed my problem.
At about zoom level 15 or 16 my streets (in my hometown for example) are dissapearing…

I have played around with the max and min scale denominators to no avail…

Can anyone tell me what might be going wrong?

Do you still get coastlines at those zooms?

Are only streets disappearing, or everything?


Its just streets, the names of the streets are rendering fine… every other stuff like lakes too… Im still seeing bridges and parts of road crossings, just not the streets.

I have just downloaded a different excerpt of the netherlands from and its over twice as big as the other one… so maybe that’s the problem… Ill post back here if it was.

The NL tile server uses planet-nl from hypercube, at the moment. It should work correctly with the osm.xml stylesheet from the openstreetmap SVN repository.

It’s working for me, locally.

Hey. Thanks for the reply… its working indeed. I guess something was wrong with the nl extract on the first site. The second one works.
After a few days of puzzeling around with the various systems involved, I have the entire chain up and running.

With mod_tile or TileCache or something else?