Mapnik layout (TYP file) for Garmin osm maps

Cool, thanks!

Looking around through several available styles in order to find what works best for me, I noticed that the definition for 0x08 (minor ramp) is skipped, so these ramps would be displayed whatever the default is on the given device.

The default mkgmap style uses this both for primary and secondary links. I would suggest to set it to the color of secondary highways, as in my opinion a primary road with a “lower class” ramp/link looks more plausible than a secondary with a “higher class” ramp/link.

g0ldfish, I’ve added your suggestion, see

Another option is to send the maps by default with a typ file (which is empty) like the emtpy.typ in
and a mapnik one (and maybe some others) as well, so someone can simply rename emty.typ (or default.typ) by one of those others.

Now that’s a great idea, although it will mean that you need to maintain several typ files and keep them in sync.

Thats why its good to have several people mainting this. You have several opnions about what’s an optimal typ file, and besides every gps Garmin model seems to behave differently (like your Zumo which doesnt handle dotted lines, the old Etrex that spits out spaghetti lines etc)

Some observations for the mapnik typ:

Shelter shouldn’t be 0x2b,0x5, because that’s tagged as campground in MS and will probably show up in searches. Let’s stick with 0x6 which is Lodging/Park. I think we can live with that. Strangely, there is no entry for this in the mkgmap style, so I don’t know why it’s rendered at all.

2B01 Hostel should be Gîte in French.

This discussion belongs to another topic because it concerns the style sheet.
I can’t find a Garmin poi type 0x6?
Lodging is not good category either, because most shelters here in Europe only can used as shelter against rain, or for picnicking and stayin overnight is not allowed and lacks all facilities.

Maybe use the 0x2800-028?? (label category)
Or the same as tourism=picnic_site [0x4a00] ?

About the hostel label: the mapnik typ file is created by a French guy so I wont change that :wink:

Take it from me: hostel is not hotel in French. I’ve lived there for 7 years.

Aha I see what you mean. The icon for type 2b01 is totally wrong there.
2b01 = hotel, hôtel and needs to get another symbol (=2b00 which isnt in use in the style file)
2b02 = hostel aka auberge de jeunesse which should get the icon that is shown as 2b01
2b02 = guest house, gîte

I will put it on the issue list.

Edit: issue solved