Mapnik layering problems

I’m not sure where I’d post this on the Mapnik ‘Trac’, or, more importantly, how I’d see if there’s an existing bug report for it. Basically layers don’t always work properly for all types of ways. For instance: - service should be over Broadway (primary) and Fort Washington Avenue (secondary), and on the same level as the top layer of motorway links - all pieces of the Manhattan Bridge (including primary and cycleway) should be over FDR Drive (elevated motorway) - all three pieces of elevated disused railway should be on the same level - the ‘car parking’ service should be over the ‘buses only’ service
It would also be nice if tunnels (mainly subways) directly under streets were shown (Osmarender does it for subways (only if no layer is set?), but not normal rail:, but I’ll settle for a free steak. And it would be really nice if there were a way to clearly view double-decker streets, but I don’t think any mapmaker has solved that :slight_smile: