Mapnik ignores half a street - issue?

Long story short: look here -

You can see Bartošova street - and its upper half looks like there are no houses. But they are there!

Don’t know the cause of this invisibility, they are properly tagged with building=yes. I drew them on Saturday and when they didn’t show up in one hour I thought something went wrong with those incremental renders. OK, so I decided to wait till the Wednesday’s full planet render.

Nothing changed anyway.

Before I create a ticket in the Trac could some experienced mapper (that’s not me, I’ve contributed only for about three weeks :slight_smile: check out this area if I accidentally made some errors?

Thank you


I looked at the drawing and I cannot see anything that looks wrong or might keep the buildings from rendering. They don’t show up at any zoom, which makes me thing it is a special situation that would be worth a Trac ticket.

There is no “Wednesday’s full planet render”. There used to be a full planet import after Wednesday’s full planet dump, but that is no longer the case. The full planet is imported every few weeks, without a set schedule.

The buildings are there, and show up fine. What happened is that the data was imported, but a new tile wasn’t generated (yet!). I forced those few tiles to rerender. In other zooms they may still be missing until those are rerendered as well.

Yep, it’s fixed, thanks Ldp. In all zooms the area looks just fine. Interesting issue.
So no Trac ticket needed - for now. :slight_smile:

It just so happens that there is an ongoing planet import for mapnik, and I found out after writing my reply and forcing the rerender. This time, there was a slight mistake that caused tile invalidation to start right after the main import, and not after the db was made current with diff files again, so that may in fact have played into this issue.