Mapnik cannot find fonts?!?

Hi again,

I got the data in the database and I’m trying to compile all in order to have the maps with my style.
I’m wondering, I always get errors like this:

Mapnik LOG> warning: unable to find face-name 'Noto Sans Balinese Regular' in FontSet 'fontset-1'

every time I restart renderd.
The font is installed…
Of course, the map will be displayed and I can read all textes.

I already found some forum question about the error, but the solutions are very old or for other distributions…
I’m using Debian 10.

Thanks for your help.

Check the spelling - there are or were both uppercase and lowercase versions of some fonts in there. That’s because some distributions have one spelling, and some have the other. You can edit the fonts used in your style to work around the errors.

I checked with fc-list, and it seems the font are correctly spelled…
Any other idea?


Like I already said, “You can edit the fonts used in your style to work around the errors.”

That’s the very funny problem…
I already tried to change the fonts, but Mapnik always says that the fonts were not found, not regarding what I write?!?