Hi gents,

for editing, someone use Mapillary as a source and might it be usefull to have more current data?


Unfortunately, there are hardly any Mapillary data outside the major highways in Thailand (at least in the South). I contributed a couple of images I took the hinterland, but no video sequences.
More data is useful.

Mapillary was aquired by Facebook on the 18th of June 20.

As - for me - I not want Facebook know where I go (GPX data) and I not want Facebook to own the copyrights of the taken images (what will be for sure in the future I guess - see Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook), the Mapipllary topic finished for me.

I will delete all the photos and delete the account at Mapillary.

Sorry for that but I rank my privacy as a first priority.

Don’t delete your photos before getting back all of them ! :wink:

Let’s hope that a “libre” alternative will come.

Please don’t over-react. I sometimes used Mapillary as a reference. Unfortunately the coverage is not that good.

You can always delete in the future in case Facebook becomes nasty.

They bought Mapillary most likely because they want to have street-side imagery without a dependency to Google or Bing, both of them being in direct competition.

All of their mapping activities is towards having map-data integrated in their product and not wanting users to leave the eco-system to use other services.

They are not interested in your data as a mapper, but in the data of those using the map products. Don’t worry.

And implementing all the processing pipeline to handle the photos, stitch them, blur parts, detect features and so on is a larger effort. So it was simpler to buy it.

You could ask someone else to re-upload your data together with others, so it is mixed and can no longer be attributed to you.

The problem is not having my data taken by facebook (they don’t know me), but I won’t work for free for this kind a company.
I contribute to openstreetmap for free because that way I contribute to commons of humankind.
Facebook doesn’t care for humankind. They just want to make money with what we do.

That’s OK. So simply do not add more photos in the future. If you remove photos in Thailand you take away the chance to have a look at streetside from remote.

Also be aware that also OpenStreetMap is open for commercial use. As an example, the Map displayed in Facebook is created from OSM data. Similar companies like Mapbox take OSM data and sell products made from them.

The key point is the license. OSM allows all to use the data under ODbL. As of today the images in Mapillary are also free and can be used by others:

There is a restriction in the terms trying to restrict the use of “content”. I have doubts that you can restrict CC-BY-SA by this, but I am not a lawyer. So unless you create a service in direct competition of Mapillary you are free to use the photos. OSM has explicit grant to use the images to not be in any doubt regarding heir TOS: