Mapillary desktop uploader werkt niet meer

Sinds dit WE 16 okt 2022 stopt de uploader na enkele minuten. Zijn er nog die dit ondervinden of is het lokaal.
In firewall van windows zie ik geen optie om uploader to te laten ?
Of eerdere connectie probleem met server zelf.
windows 10 64 bit
uploader laatste versie 3.0.5

Heb je de meest recente versie geïnstalleerd? Misschien eens herinstalleren?
Ik ga zodirect eens een sequence proberen uploaden

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Try using the CLI instead, as it gives you more exact information on your upload.

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Or run the regular Mapillary uploader through the command line (I’m not sure in windows if it outputs anything. But on linux, opening the regular application trough command line outputs stuff:

(just an example)

CLI code is not my thing … thx

Is jouw sequence gelukt ? Cli en en andere codering ik ken daar niets van … grrr

Found the problem, deskstop do not show any error or hint.
I deleted half of the maps already been uploaded. Toke 1 hour 30 to delete :slight_smile:
So think the mean problem was:
No sufficient free space on 64GB scandick card.

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Yeah, that’s an annoying thing about Mapillary. It has to create all those little files in the same location as the actual images.
It causes problems like this but it also has the problem of actually wearing out the sd cards much faster (cause it’s many small writes to it).
Ideal solution would be to transfer everything to another drive, before you start processing it with the Mapillary tools (to preserve the sd card’s life)

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