Mapillary - crowd sourced street view for OSM

Hi All,

I just wanted to share with you that I’ve been using Mapillary for a few days now with good results. I’ve been using my Galaxy S3/S4 for this but I am thinking of investing in a Garmin Virb Elite just for the task. There’s a pretty good introduction given at SOTM at and you can see one of my capture sessions at Lumpini Park as an example here.

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I have started to cover the areas I go to as well. It works nicely as a source for OSM, I am very happy with it as well.

Here is a link to Chiang Mai:

OSM was approved as an organization for this years Google Summer of Code.
In case you are a student or know a student who likes to work on an mapillary integration into JOSM now is a good time to apply for it. Google will pay a stipend of USD 5500.