Mapi imagery layer

Are we allowed to freely use this?

It’s 2015 and good resolution. Source:

Also, this raises the question of whether the new Bing layer is Really 2016. Despite the 2016 metadata, I can clearly see the Mapi layer is newer in some areas.

How can I view them directly on site?

According to, the data is licensed under, which says:

There are some additional restrictions that seem to be irrelevant for the orthophoto.

In addition, the details about אורתופוטו 2015 say:

The orthophoto is accessible by scrolling down and clicking תצלום אויר ארצי משנת 2015

As far as I could see, it is easier to see roads, tracks and buildings in Digital Globe imagery than in the MAPI orthophoto.
On the other hand, MAPI orthophoto is more up-to-date.

zstadler, thanks for the explanation! Please note that Bing is more up to date compared to Digital Globe in Israel since recently. Apparently Mapi is more up to date than both. (My analyses is based on areas I am familiar with. I don’t know if that’s the case everywhere in israel).,29.4306,39.0265,33.354

This MAPI imagery is exactly the same as the extremely high-res imagery in GovMap, except that the higher zoom levels were removed. I wonder if we can ask MAPI to also freely release the higher zoom levels, that would be an excellent upgrade.

It seems that the site, and the imagery, are no longer available without login.

That’s unfortunate. Are logged in users allowed to use the data under the terms described hereinabove?

Looks like the new MAPI imagery is finally on
Does the TMS URL still work? If so, what is the desired offset?

AFAIK, all the contents at is copyrighted and technically inaccessible by standard tile clients.

The raw images are available though, with a permissive license. Creating a tiles out of them would require human effort and a tile-server host.

What is the name of the tiles in And I see that there are other interesting data there like shops and restaurants in Ben Gurion Airport

There are 79 items atתצלום

In case you want the information in JSON format:תצלום&rows=100

The seems to be lower quality than or maybe I’m not viewing them correctly

Definitely worse:


Can govmap be used within JOSM? I’m asking about both the legal and technical aspects.

As far as I understand, the answer is no for both

Is it likely that they will release the aerial imagery to the public domain? If yes how can we send such a request?

It could help a lot