Mapfactor .nmea file to .gpx file conversion

Please let me know how can I convert the .nmea file (gps tracks) generated from mapfactor navigator to .gpx format. I tried gpsbabel, and selected nmea 0183 sentence and output as gpx xml format. But it cannot open the input file. Let me know an easy way so that I can import gps tracks from Mapfactor Navigator to

when you want to load theat nmea file with an offline editor like Merkaartor or JOSM there is no need to convert it to gpx.

But when you want to upload yor gps track to the OSM server then I always reccoment … it is easy to use, and you can also see whether your recorded track is accurate enough.

In case of problems, write here.

Thanks!! Its working gr8.

Can you pls tell me that how do you record POIs? I mean on a way I find many POI which are not there on the OSM. I am using mapfactor navigator. Now how do I record them so that later on I can import them on OSM? Is there really a way of importing a POI using its coordinate on OSM.

When you are using mapFactor Navigator when you are on your ways I assume you have a WindowsMobile based device.

For that operating system I would recommend to record POIs, waypoints or even voice records.

You can also find more apps at

Dear Stephan

Tried installing and running OSMtracker. It installed but could not configure baudrate and port as the options were not enable . Baudrate of 4800 was selected by default. When I tried looking in the files, I was surprised that I could not find the software files (although it was working) no donno how to configure it to make it up and running. I use mio moov s505.

So you are not able to change configuration at this settings screen?

An tell us whether you have installed OSM-Tracker on your SD-card or in the device’s memory directly.

Yes that is right. The port option has no data while baudrate is 4800 and cannot change it. I installed it on the device directory.