Maperitiv to BMP: Export in High Resolution. How to?


I’m new to the whole OSM and Mapping stuff and I’m stuck with my task…

My goal is to produce high resolution maps for printing. Like a map Norway to hang it up on my wall. With my printer at home (max printable size A3) I would use the poster printing option an spread on 3 vertical A3 Pages.

I didn’t found an easy way without .svg (I don’t have Adobe Illustrator at the moment). Is it possible to produce a high resolution Bitmap file round about 4000x4000 Pixels?

Best wishes

Have look at these suggestions.

Also have a look at and do a search threre for “print”

You will get really many topics that deal with printing high quality images from OSM data.

See as an entry.

Come back here if you get stuck in detail anywhere, or if you find information in the OSM wiki that seesm to be outdated or wrong (tell us in detail, please)

Also: you don’t need Adobe to work with SVG files … have a look at Inkscape!