/ another OSM Bug definition tool

Hello OSM Friends,

there was again a nice release of Skobbler (Yes, It still doesn’t support Israel for Navigation) in the past days.


As I have already said in another post, there a need to places as “bad” / “wrong” or tell the community that there is missing something.
Till today you have only openstreetbugs what gives you basic possibility to define a problem.

So now we have a additional tool called MapDust that creates a good platform to create bugs and solve bugs in the map.
Here the list of features:

* Dedicated web site under
      o Bug actions: View, Close, Invalidate/Reject, Reopen, Add comment
      o Bug statistics
      o Bug filter
      o Locate bugs by address search
      o Locate bugs by bug IDs
      o Routing information for navigation related bugs
      o CAPTCHA for spam proctection
      o Multi-language support 
* Geo-RSS-feed
      o Bug report for each new bug incl. a small map
      o Screen filters applied to RSS-feed
      o Geographic area filtered by visible map 
* JOSM-plugin
      o Bug actions: View, Close, Invalidate/Reject, Reopen, Add comment, Add bug
      o Bug details on four tabs: (1) Bug Details, (2) Address/Location, (3) Description, (4) Comments
      o Online- & Offline-Mode
      o Bugs via map selectable 
      o Currently in private beta state 

More infos in Wiki (