Mapbox Studio (Classic)

Hi there,

I´m new in this Forum and hope anybody can help me with my request. I work for the first time with Mapbox Studio Classic (because of print and online application). After uploading the (desktop) map to my online account I would like to integrate it in the website. But just can include it via iframe. I would also like to add a filter-marker )like this: Is this possible withe the Classic Version and can anybody give me a hint with online-integration?

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Hey, ChristianRxB

The example you linked to has a comprehensive code which is possible to use as the guide for your own works.

Take a look at this part of code from the above mentioned link

var map ='map', 'mapbox.dc-markers');

where ‘mapbox.dc-markers’ - the name of the tileset. You may find the name of your Map ID here

Press “Menu” and copy Map ID, replace it in the code

and refer to documentation -

Hi thanks a lot for the fast reply. That was a very helpful hint. Now I try and work with that (maybe I have later another question).

Thanks again and best regards


Hi there, now I have another question. I try it the whole time but don´t get it to have the filter working. I have the map with the markers and geodatas but have no clue how to include/combine this in the filter-example ( ). It don´t have to be exactly like this but just this kind of filterstyle. Like I wrote it is the first time working with Openmaps and I´m grateful for every help.

Thanks and best regards