Mapbox stijl aanpasbaar?

Iemand hier een beetje bekend met Mapbox? NIVON heeft op zijn nieuwe website gekozen voor Mapbox Outdoor-stijl, dat is een demo-stijl, maar die geeft bankjes niet weer. Wel picknicktafels, maar de meeste zitgelegenheden voor wandelaars zijn simpele bankjes.

Dus ik vraag me af of het heel moeilijk is cq of het geld kost (eenmalig of doorlopend?) om die stijl een beetje aan te passen voor gebruik op een website.

(Vorig jaar bij het testen hadden ze OpenTopo, ik werd heel raar aangekeken -lees: niet geloofd- toen ik zei dat die geld ging kosten, maar nu blijken ze ineens een gratis Mapbox-stijl te hebben!)

Hello. I regularly use MapBox. You can build your own styles based on the MapBox basemaps, build them from scratch, make small modifications to it change icons, fonts, colors, add 3d, bathymetry, shading, contour lines,…
Do you want a style similar to OSM Mapnik?= Style it or bring json styling from another site into MapBox Studio.
Do you want a style similar to OpenTopoMap? Design it or use the json style published by its author on Github.
You can export your styles as= .json styles, TMS, WMTS, Embed, …
You can add your own data.
It’s hard to tell you everything you can do with MapBox so my only advice is = Go to MapBox, create your free account and start testing with MapBox Studio.
I’m not advertising MapBox but it really is impressive what you can do with its APIs or Studio. They update the OSM data constantly and in this they excel over other providers, for example MapTiler updates the OSM data 1-2 times a year.
P.S. Today many companies use the modified vector styles of MapBox and ThunderForest.
ThunderForest has 2 vector sources (Outdoors and Transport) with which you can build fabulous vector styles in Maputnik. I love ThunderForest and their styles.
Nowadays I use MapBox styles and ThunderForest styles for my personal maps (Outdoors, Dark, Topo), easy to design with a simple code editor on your Smartphone.
Sorry to have gone too long on this post, good luck and remember = Don’t hesitate, just go and test.


Thanks! It’s not really my thing, I understand less then half of what you are saying. I will have a go at it, though. The NIVON website is not mine, I am just testing it and will support the content managers by providing gps-trails and POI lists. I just think it’s better to render the OSM benches than to compile lists and enter them manually into a CMS.

I understand the developers of the website can easily adapt the Mapbox Outdoor style to render the OSM benches. If a bench is not present in OSM, the NIVON path maintenance team can easily add it, e.g. using the MapComplete Bench theme on their mobile devices; then after the next data refresh the new bench should show up.

Edit: I had a look, and I simply do not know what I am doing. I can load data, but the style has to run on the NIVON server, not on my data. I don’t know how they have embedded OSM data and the Mapbox Outdoor style in the NIVON web application. The developers must know that, and they probably have a mapbox account, to be able to use the Outdoors style and periodically refresh the dataset. I guess this all runs on their webserver with scheduled refreshes.