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Hello from the Mapbox Team!

In March 2022 our team is going to start a mapping project in Poland.
As part of on-going work to improve the quality of OpenStreetMap data, our team is planning to review a subset of the detections to better understand the type of issues, and also fix any valid data issues directly in the OSM. We’re concentrating on road mistakes to improve map condition. In Poland we plan to upload data once a week to see and fix the latest mistakes in mapping after reviewing 1st iteration.

We would really appreciate your feedback, any questions you have about this project, as well as local insights that you think will help us better understand the data.

There’s a link to our Github ticket to the related issue: https://github.com/mapbox/mapping/issues/398
And link to our page in OSM Wiki: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Organised_Editing/Activities/resolve_linting_issues_in_Poland

We will upload fresh data in a few days before review process and will update our documents with json files.

Best regards,
Member of Mapbox team,

Hello, welcome in Poland. Help with mapping is always welcome!

Satellite Imagery: Bing, Maxar, Esri

Edits in Poland using such aerial images are a mistake. Geoportal.gov.pl imagery is strictly superior, edits using Bing, Maxar, Esri are very unlikely to be helpful.

EDIT: in some rare cases other aerial may be useful, local mapper mentioned that close to German border Maxar may be latest. Outdated imagery may be also useful to deciding whether something was demolished or is just poorly visible.

Are you aware that in many places in Poland mapping data is more up to date than aerial imagery? In case of conflict between OSM data and imagery, please check history of objects and presence of note/description tags (which will be likely in Polish).

In total, we are going to review issues in 9 categories.

Please, be specific and link full dataset of this issues in format accessible to a average mapper (display on the map, not just raw CSV/json file). Geojson uploaded to GitHub repository is likely sufficient if objects are clearly annotated. Or using one of services directly provided by Mapbox company.


using the hashtag #mbx_linters_poland

Please use #mapbox_linters_poland clearly identifying company.

(mirrored to GitHub)

Czy ktoś potrzebuje tłumaczenia na polski?

Witaj z zespołu Mapbox!

W marcu 2022 roku nasz zespół rozpocznie projekt mapowania w Polsce.
W ramach trwających prac nad poprawą jakości danych OpenStreetMap, nasz zespół planuje przejrzeć podzbiór detekcji, aby lepiej zrozumieć rodzaj problemów, a także naprawić wszelkie ważne problemy z danymi bezpośrednio w OSM. Koncentrujemy się na błędach drogowych, aby poprawić stan mapy. W Polsce planujemy przesyłać dane raz w tygodniu, aby zobaczyć i naprawić najnowsze błędy w mapowaniu po przejrzeniu pierwszej iteracji.

Będziemy naprawdę wdzięczni za Twoją opinię, wszelkie pytania dotyczące tego projektu, a także lokalne spostrzeżenia, które Twoim zdaniem pomogą nam lepiej zrozumieć dane.

Jest link do naszego zgłoszenia na Github: https://github.com/mapbox/mapping/issues/398
I link do naszej strony w OSM Wiki: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Org … _in_Poland

Prześlemy świeże dane na kilka dni przed procesem przeglądu i zaktualizujemy nasze dokumenty za pomocą plików json.

Członek zespołu Mapbox,

They look like these KeepRight issues: https://www.keepright.at/report_map.php?zoom=8&lat=51.91747&lon=20.03495&layers=B0T&ch=0%2C40%2C130%2C191%2C195%2C196%2C231%2C291%2C292%2C293%2C294%2C295%2C296%2C297%2C298%2C402&show_ign=0&show_tmpign=0

Satellite Imagery: Bing, Maxar, Esri

No, please. This imageries are mostly outdated. Use Geoportal (Orthophotomap) https://www.geoportal.gov.pl/uslugi/usluga-przegladania-wms

…in some places Maxar is the most recent (end of 2021). Especially close to north polish-german border.

It would be nice if you could also contact OpenStreetMap Polska (zarzad@openstreetmap.pl) and Yanosik
which deals largely with the mapping of road infrastructure and has GPS traces ( preferably by the user https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Olga%20%7c%20Yanosik )

Thanks for your feedback! We’ll keep in mind info about imageries. I contacted with OpenStreetMap Polska and also wrote to Yanosik to inform her about our mapping activity.

Best regards, Sonya

Dziękujemy za opinie! Będziemy pamiętać o informacjach o zdjęciach. Skontaktowałem się z OpenStreetMap Polska, a także napisałem do Yanosik, aby poinformować ją o naszej aktywności mapowania.

Pozdrawiam, Sonya

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