Mapathon follow-up statistics

Dear OSM-Forum

I would need your help to understand the following statistics provided by HOSTOSM, to give future feedbacks to contributors.

We need some further explanations (maybe best with an example) for the stats, I was able to extract from the HOTOSM page.

Contributors: is clear (the people mapping)
Mapped: Is this the amount of tiles mapped by the user?
Building: Can this be the buildings mapped by the user?
Ghana Rank: Not sure what that means (as the project was blank when we started to map)
Map changes: Can this be the amount of clicks made on the map/project?
Active mapping days: I think, this is the amount of days the user was mapping for Missing-Maps - right?

Thank you very much and all help is appreciated.

Kind regards

Mapador aka. Paco

In case you get no reply here, there is a mailing list dedicated to HOT: