Map with borders only (no data)


i am very new to osm.

I would like to add a map to my website only with the borders of country or states, e.g.

Background: I like to make a quiz website, with questions like “Where is Houston?”
So i need a map with borders only, and on click, i need latitude and longitude.

Is this possible with osm?

Thanks for your answers.

Can nobody help me?

Technically this possible with OSM, but the borders within OSM have a lot of detail. There are other free datasets with simpler borders that are probably better suited for your application. (sorry I don’t have a link handy)

ok, thanks for your reply.

so i should better look for another map?

what do you mean with: the borders are technically? Wouldn’t it be possiple to hide all data except the borders between countries?


Depending on your level of involvement / expertise, there are several different ways how to do this.

describes some of the options available.

For one you can set up your own tile server (e.g. ) and then customize the style sheets to drop everything but the borders. (in this case you might also need to tweak the osm2pgsql style, as otherwise you end importing all of the unneeded data)

I don’t currently know of a set of shape files that extract only the border as is available for the costlines ( like )

Alternatively, you might be able to use the style-editor of

Or you could use XAPI to extract just the boundary=administrative ways, then filter out the admin_levels that you’re not interested in.

Could be done with osmfilter. Example:

bzcat lim.bz2 r.osm.bz2 r.osm.bz2 r.osm.bz2 wr.osm.bz2 lim.bz2 a.osm.bz2 | ./osmfilter -k"admin_level=7" >new.osm