Map with all data


is there a browser map with all elements which I can see when editing OSM? I am searching for a map with all bollards, fire hydrants, benches, trees, etc. displayed at the same time.

Maybe cou can help?
Regards from Germany!

No, there isn’t (as far as I know)
Maybe the POI-karte comes closest to what you want

The more advanced JOSM editor uses quite a range of small icons to differentiate between features being tagged. This may be of help to you while editing, as you can more easily see what is already there than in ID, especially for tags not rendered in any of the main styles like OSM Standard.

Check out
move map & zoom to location of interest
then click
Map Call

everything should show up
then click on item of interest
then click on item & it should open in where you can edit

good luck!

Not a real alternative is the on the main OSM demo site.

Because zooming out is limited. is much more flexible with when you load the Map Call

If you go to the layers men on the main OSM page and enable data in the tick box, you will see all the geometry data on that page, subject to being zoomed in far enough, but, in any well mapped area, you will be overwhelmed. If you are interested in specific features, you need to pre-select those types of feature, which is something that the main page cannot do.

If you are prepared to work with snapshots, jOSM has go features for hiding or disabling features, but that is an editor, not a web page.