Map will not export: Error-The load average on the server is too high

I am unable to export a map and the error keeps telling me that the load average is too high.
I know that in Wednesdays exporting doesn’t work, however I have tried on both Monday and
Tuesday to no avail. Any suggestions?

Same problem here. For several days I’m now getting this error message when I try to export, no matter which export options I choose, no matter which time of day.

Still not able to export, still getting “The load average on the server is too high at the moment. Please wait a few minutes before trying again.” Rather annoying.

Seems to be that this issue is not fixed yet, same for me here:,47.67,15.05,55.03&scale=2100000&format=png

As the message says, this is caused by the server being very busy. It is not likely to go away very soon, as it requires more hardware or a structural redesign of some things.

Maybe can be an alternative for you?

Or gdal? An usage example is given in
By adding a -projwin parameter it is possible to select the place in earth, adjusting -outsize has an efect on the zoom level that is used for collecting the big image.

Indeed the issue is that the export server is overloaded during most of the day and so the export functionality has to be shut down to not cause problems to the tile serving that is on the same machine. So the problem won’t be solved until more hardware can be purchased, but there are plans to do so ( )

In the interim, one will have to find some times when the server isn’t overloaded, which is mostly during the European night. To find a time of when it will work, you can have a look at the load graphs of the server ( ). I can’t remember the exact load cut off, but I think it is either 15 or 20.

A more thorough explanation can be found at and the preceding discussion.