#map vs edit#map display

max zoom on #map, building with 2 businesses shows 2 addresses but only 1 business icon; at the same level on the edit#map, it shows both business icons. Is there a way to get both icons to show on #map?



If someone could coach me I’d add a picture, but I don’t quite get how to do that here.

Are you referring to the brewery at 101 Loudon Street? I don’t think the main map at openstreetmap.org displays icons for craft=brewery. Other maps may display icons, one that certainly does is OpenBreweryMap: https://brewmap.openstreetmap.de/#19/39.11374/-77.56289/0/0/f

Generally, the main map does not aim to display icons for all types of business, e.g. the lawyer’s office at number 104 doesn’t have an icon either.

The Humanitarian layer shows it: https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/8936484972#map=20/39.11360/-77.56350&layers=H .