Map-to-Earn beta invite for OSM Community

Hello OSM Community,

We’re excited to share our project proto with you today and to share an invite for participating in our Map to Earn program.

What is proto ?

proto, much like OSM is a user generated map of the world; but with two key differences:

One, its built for the average user. We want to get everyone involved in the process of mapping.

Two, it has rewards!. We enable ous users to earn for the data that they contribute to the map.

Why are we building this ?

Our goal is to supplement OSM data with data contributed by regular users and generate more interest in mapping.

To this end, we’d like to extend an invite to the entire OSM community to Join our Map to Earn program during the Beta-testing phase.

This community has a wealth of mapping experience and your feedback while testing the product will be invaluable.

All OSM members who join the Map to Earn program will receive rewards as well, and we will make our best attempts to organize a map-a-thon and give back to the community at large as well.

How can you get involved ?

Our beta app is currently under-review in both Android and Apple app stores, and will be releasing in 2 weeks.

In the meantime, we invite you to sign-up for the Map to Earn program here and please indicate your OSM ID in the form (this is for us to verify).

You will receive an email as soon as our app is live, and we will be following up to help you, gather feedback from you and learn along the way.

Questions ?

You can email us at or alternatively, feel free to join our discord here.

If you do join us on discord, please inform me that you’re coming from OSM so that your role can be updated accordingly.

Thanks and we look forward to working with you all !

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I just hope there is an appropriate attribution given to OSM because looking from the promotional materials you have attached, there is not. :slight_smile: Licence/Attribution Guidelines - OpenStreetMap Foundation

Anyway, nice to see more projects using OSM, good luck on the launch!

If there was a prize for the least amount of information in the most amount of words, you’d definitely be a contender :slight_smile:

Edit: I wrote this before the first post was edited to say a bit more about what this actually was, but the crucial clarifications are below.

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:rofl: :rofl:(Note to self: Keep It Simple Stupid)

I will update and repost in a bit.

Thanks - it’s great to see new uses of OSM, but it’s also great to see a bit of a description about what those new uses actually are. It sounds a bit like “Foursquare, but for this decade”, but I suspect that there is much more to it than that. :slight_smile:

I thought this topic was going to be about I guess not.

Hey thanks for pointing that out. While testing the product internally, some of the feedback we received was that the OSM map is confusing for the lay-person since they are extremely used to the Google Maps look and feel.
We decided to switch and use the Google maps API as the base for average users, and to build a “power-user” section where we use OSM. We haven’t built that out yet, and as soon as we integrate OSM, we will absolutely add all the attribution.

Hey!, Thanks for saying that.
It absolutely looks like that now. We’re hoping that the testing with OSM Community and Average Users, will help us arrive at the ideal middle ground where the app is simple enough for everyone to use; but not so complex that the average user runs away scared.
Hoping to achieve that!

… so as this currently stands this doesn’t really have a lot to do with OSM at all? :laughing:


Apart from our desire to work with the OSM Community ?. No.
Unless you consider OSM as the OG User Generated map.