Map that visualises cobble stone

None of the renderings of OpenStreetMap that I could find indicate the road surface in any way, even though this is a really relevant factor when choosing which roads to cycle on.

Is there any map that renders the road surface, specifically whether a road is made of cobble stone?

Pieter Vande Vennet describes in his diary how you can tweak the OsmAnd engine to avoid sett roads:

I also thought OsmAnd can display the different types of road surfaces


For routing with surface information I can propose you OpenRouteService - here is a link with some route in Poland:,18.200598,54.347328,18.366012&b=1a&c=0&k1=en-US&k2=km (shorter link: There you can enable preview surface on whole route as I did on this image: .

Yes, it can do so. But the default.render.xml shows that cobblestone, concrete, sett, pebbles, and some more are shown in the same color. In order to show cobblestone differently, you have to create your own rendering style overwriting the renderingAttribute “surfaceCobblestoneColor”.

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Check out this map:

Thank you all for this thread - I’ve got the same question myself. The routing file by Pieter Vander Vennet indeed added an option to avoid cobblestone roads. However the question of the OP remains open about how to see these roads within OSMAND. Hence I made an updated render file for that, feel free to use if anybody needs it. I used the Touring view as I like it for bicycle but you can apply the same changes in other render styles. My updates are at the bottom of the file.

The file needs to be placed in storage\Android\data\net.osmand**.plus**\files\rendering\ where “storage” is the corresponding storage in your phone and “.plus” to be skipped in case of free version of OSMAND.

Bear in mind the content of \rendering folder is deleted each time OSMAND is updated, so you will need to place the file there again. Hence it’s a good idea to keep a copy of the rendering file somewhere else on your device.

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Thank you all for the information regarding the visualization of cobble stone in OSMAND.
I made some changes myself by eliminating some road surfaces and only show the ones I’m interested in.
There is something I don’t know how to get this working, maybe someone can help me out here.

The problem is when I zoom out, at certain zoomlevel I don’t see the cobblestone lines anymore.
How do I set this up in OSMAND so I can zoom some steps further and still see the cobblestone lines?
I took a look at the default.render.xml file but I haven’t got a clue where to start.
Does anybody know how I change this?