Map symbols to use in Kosmos

The Kosmos general purpose rules page does not contain any symbols for Points of Interest. Looking round some other users’ rules pages where they have included POIs, they normally hyperlink to an image stored in the openstreetmap wiki somewhere.

Is there an index of what’s available anywhere? It’s not possible to browse the image directories themselves.


Just bumping this up. Surely someone knows where I can get some POI symbols from!

You can wade through the gallery of new files.

You might find something useful linked off WikiProject Pictograms, but that’s a bit old.

Matt amos has a bunch of icon designs

Thanks Harry, but that’s not quite what I was thinking of.

If you look at any of the Kosmos user rule wiki pages (eg then they link to the likes of

I take it there’s no index of them all then? In particular I’m after a symbol for a bench.


I think most of the Kosmos rule pages are just copies of the Kosmos General Purpose Rules, with a few minor things changed. It looks like someone edited the general purpose rules wiki page last week, removing most of the details for POI and icons etc, I don’t know why (check the history).

All map icons on the wiki should be in: (or subcategories of there)
The icons used by Mapnik / Osmarender etc should be in SVN somewhere, possibly here:
Or the icons from JOSM are here: (they include a bench icon)