Map suitable for Motorbike Offroad


I looked around for some time but have not found a solution for the following problem.
So I decided to register and ask this forum.

I am looking for a way to generate a map (for Garmin GPS finally),
that has the abillity to show streets/roads/highways/tracks/…

  • that are not paved but still suitable for motorbikes -
    in a distinct way, such they are easily found on a map.
    I would use this map to select/plan routes with my GPS which contain many legal offroad parts.

My idea was:

  1. Download osm data of a region I’m intersted in.
  2. use splitter/mkgmap
  3. configure my own style file
  4. generate the map and copy it to my GPS

2 problems here for me:

  • I would use the “new style” from as something to with,
    but I have not found a place to download it. Where can I get it from,
    Is this just one file, actually?
  • How do I have to change the style file for a distinct representaion of such tracks/roads/etc.?
    I probably would have to select these roads/tracks/etc. like

(surface=unpaved or surface=fine_gravel or surface=sand ...)
(motor_vehicle=yes or motor_vehicle=permissble)

But now how do I change the representation on the map so that they are found easily.

Thnaks in advance

My proposal: Download from the page the newest release (3977).
Unzip it and look to the subfolders. In the subfolder doc you find the style manual which explains the setup and the rules of styles.
In the subfolder examples/styles/default you will find an example of a style consisting of different files (lines, points, polygons…).This files can be opened and changed with an editor. ( I use rightclick/sendto/wordpad).

I got the style,
downloaded a small map for testing
and added a rule to the lines file.
Syntax seems ok because can I generate a Garmin map.

But now I do have the following problem : selction of an element type definition that is suitable.

Any ideas where to find a uptodate list? ( seems outdated)
Would it be best and is it possible to use a type viewer wit the type of my Garmin GPS?