map sizes

I’m living at the corner of 3 map areas, to get all the data I want for cycling (looking to transfer maps onto new Garmin 520) I have to download 3 areas together, giving a total file size of 46Mb. The Garmin has only 50Mb memory.
Is there any way I can reduce the size or area of the maps to give a smaller file size and so my location is centred on the area I need?

You can try these maps:

This gives me one map that covers the whole of northern Europe and is 88Mb in size. I can’t fit that on the Garmin. Can these maps be scaled down to give a smaller area?
I’m looking for a detailed map that covers Yorkshire/Derbyshire area and will not take up too much space.

These are simple maps with tiles up to 3.5MB. Install map on PC and use MapInstall to send required area to device.

I’m struggling to find a working mac version of this which allows me to strip down the big NW europe map into manageable local tiles.

I’m not sure, if you are talking about my maps form
Actually my maps can be installed on Mac.

I clicked the Mac OS X install and it gives me a command line prompt which is a bit too technical for me to sort. I’m looking for a map of west yorkshire + derbyshire region that is no more than about 20mb in size. Can you help guide me through what I have to do with the big NW europe map to trim it down to the tiles I need, that I can fit onto the new Garmin?

You could try the garmin suitable maps which will allow you to adjust a poylgon shape surrounding just the area you require.

I don’t provide any install for Mac. Here is short info how to install maps:
Here is a video tutorial created by a fenix user:

Thanks! This looks pretty great for selecting the right area. I’m guessing Garmin cycle format best to use, if I can get it to transfer over to the Edge 520 (when it arrives…)

Thanks Pope - very useful, will give this a try. Cheers for the help.

This is very user-friendly for selecting and downloading an area as a gpsupp.img, but I cannot then install the img into Basecamp. I’ve spent hours trawling through google searches and gps/mapping tools but there doesn’t seem to be anything for the mac? I want to be able to preview the image files and install them into basecamp.

I found 2 solutions for the Mac, to check the map areas in Basecamp once downloaded from bbbike. I plugged in the Garmin Edge 500 which although it doesn’t support maps, basecamp recognises it as a legitimate device to read the gmapsupp.img files from - just copy into the device Garmin folder.
I also found omg files in a Garmin folder on SD card worked the same (and was quicker) whereas when I tried it with a USB stick, basecamp would not recognise it as a legitimate device.