Map Requirements

Hi Hopefully somebody can point me in the right directions, we have internal requirements for a map server which will show roads etc, we also need to point a (DOT/POINT) on a map to represent where somebody is, we also have the requirement of reverse geocoding.

i have configured Postgresql and imported europe i have also configured Mapnik, renderd and mod_tile which seems to be generating a map 0/0/0.png is a small picture of the world for example, im a little confused on what images this can generate what would the image be for the UK for example ?

i have now started to read about leaflet to put dots on maps etc would this be the best option, the dots would represent vehicles been tracked.

our other requirements is reverse Geocoding but from my reading it appears i cannot use renderd and nominatim with the same database can anyone help with my confusion … :slight_smile:


Just a quick update I have configured Mapnik and Leaflet to create maps and markers etc but from reading i cannot also run nomimatim is there also that gives me all of these tools?

Reverse Geocoding
Slippy Maps
Markers etc

any advice would be greatly appreciated