Map rendering

Hi yall- can anyone point me to a resource where I can learn how to render maps with custom parameters. My goal is to learn how to produce a map of the city with the neighborhood polygons highlighted. Sort of a map of identified neighborhoods. Thanks! may help

I’d recommend either Mapertitive or QGIS as tools to get to grips with mapping at this level. Creating a successful style in Carto-CSS is technically quite challenging.

Both come with caveats:
Maperitive does not have true point label placement with collision avoidance
QGIS for the newbie implies using ready-made files from e.g. Geofabrik which by their nature are only a selection of OSM features.

I rendered maps with the openstreetmap-carto on Mapnik before, but also checked out the above two options - I ran into the limitations quite soon. For Maperitive it made areas dense with POIs unlegible, for Geofabrik SHP in QGIS - I wasn’t able to downplay spurs and other minor railways in my style due to the ommision of service=* and usage=*.