Map offline with some data

Hi guys!
I am an Italian user of OpenStreetMap and want to develop a simple offline project with HTML-Javascript.
I want to download a particular area (example: Milan with near cities) and take important points like restaurants, bars, pubs, hospitals, crossroads, streets… by HTML-Javascript, in offline-mode (offline-mode, after I download the map).
Is it possible? What tools or APIs do I need? How? Is there a tutorial I can see with examples?

Sorry for my bad English (is it bad?)
Thanks a lot!

Maybe you can find some hints at

and browse at and do a search there for “offline”.


Are there any tutorials about Vector tiles (with examples, if possible)?

And also, is it possible to calculate the way between two point, for example: turn right, go along…, turn left, … ?

JOSM can do all of things you mention, but it is Java based, I don’t know that it can digest maps of the size you are talking about in one go, and it is never going to be as good at routing as online tools. It is a technician’s tool, not an end user one.

It’s not clear whether you want an end user electronic map. Mapping suggest not, but routing is an end user application.

It’s also not clear why you have a javascript/HTML constraint.

Hello Davide,

You can take some time and read things in the OSM wiki at

I believe that for all your aims there are already solutions:

for Routing, see

for Rendering, see

same for

… Browse the wiki! …

Maybe a very active developed project is … try it.