Map of USA

Hello there!
I’m newbie and I want the map of USA something like this
Can I download it and install on my laptop?
What is the TIGER\Line map? I found this very more the shapes. Could this what I need?

How are you planning to use the map - do you want the images only, state and national boundaries only, or do you want to do things such as routing, etc?

The TIGER\line information could be useful because it contains highways and boundary lines. Although it was the basis for much of the highway map in the USA, there have been thousands of hours of labor to further enhance the highway system in OpenStreetMap.

Hi, I was looking at the USA maps at the following link:

which has following location based maps:


I don’t understand how the longtitude covering -164.53 to 156.09 for US? My understanding is the longtitude for west coast is about 122W and east coast is about 71W. which piece of the 4 1GB map actually fits the part of the US continent?

Thanks and rgds

Only the full 4 GB map at covers the entire US. However, you will need a large enough SD card to hold the full map.

In many cases, you might want coverage for your normal driving region. For that case, the US is divided into vertical overlapping bands. Pick the region that covers your area of interest. The 2 GB files cover even larger areas of the US.

Can I get the windows installer version of the 4GB mapsupp? I’d like to install it on basecamp, and also transfer some TOPO maps from along with most of the 4GB US OSM to my Garmin.