Map of Iran in English

I’m currently trying to get myself a map of Iran onto my Garmin Zumo 660, but with English place names. So far, my Navi only displays them in weird combinations like Ber?sf?asn (as it tries to display the Farsi stuff I guess).

What I tried:

  • Downloaded the .osm map from, with a MapQuest Open layer (this seems to be the only layer that has English place names)
    → I see English and Farsi names for most places in the .osm file ( with tags name:en and name:fa )
  • Converted into a gmapsupp.img file with mkgmap
  • Put the gmapsupp.img on my SD card and managed to see it on my Navi

I tried setting my Navi’s language to both English and German, but no success.

Has anybody tried this, or knows where I can get such a map? Would be happy to be able to do it myself though, as I’ll need this for several other countries as well (like Georgian and Armenian).


I suppose you are compiling your own map with mkgmap?
You can set the order in which name tags must be rendered, for instance

You can also try unicode characterset but I dont know if your device supports this


You can also grab a map from which renders those name:en labels in favour of the local name tag (if tagged on osm of course).

Both your suggestions worked, thanks a lot! Still I only can navigate to an address by selecting it directly on the map, but that’s already much better than I expected…

I know that site and it’s truly awesome, but the labels are not English – seems to me that only the Mapquest Open Layer has them. Is there a possibility to use this layer for exporting?

The export function extracts the planet osm data (contains everything), this has nothing to do with the displayed Mapquest Open Layer.
Same for Lambertus site, he also uses the planet osm data.
If you want to navigate to an address make sure you have included --bounds and download the boundary data from, of course this only works if the addresses and administrative boundaries are mapped correctly in OSM.