Map object types or elements

I am interested in relating map object types or elements. I wondered if anything exists that lists all map objects, particularly roads in my case, such as the match between highway/primary in OSM with 0x02 Principal Highway-thick, for example.

Also, who is the originator of the map features list that one sees in the cGPSmapper manual or when using applications such as MapEdit or GenTyp, from which the example above is taken? Is this what mkgmap uses, and can what it uses be obtained as a list, too? Is it a standard, and is it what Garmin uses?

My edit to my previous post is not taking effect for some reason, so this new post is my edit:

While waiting for a response to my questions, I have been able to locate garmin_feature_list.csv, map-features.csv, and osm_garmin_map.csv from a downloaded mkgmap. So now I have my OSM to Garmin map features relations.

I still note one difference, however: while cGPSmapper and GenTyp list 0x05 Arterial road - thick, MapEdit lists 0x0005 Collector road. It’s all so confusing!

I’m no expert on the map features files for Mkgmap and I’m not sure if it is just the notation that’s causing your confusion, but 0x05 is the same as 0x0005 (heximal notation of 5 decimal (no, I did not needed a calculator for that :p)

No, it is not the notation, it is the description.

mkgmap uses the same type codes as are listed in the cGPSmapper manual. No full list of every single type code and the corresponding default POI symbol/line type/polygon shading exists, but that’s because a lot of codes map to the same POI, line or polygon. You can assume that the cGPSmapper list is fairly comprehensive (I have found a couple of additional POIs, but not many).

The link between an OSM object (e.g. with highway=primary key) and Garmin type is determined, if using mkgmap, by the styles file in use. This maps a given OSM key to a given Garmin type code.


I thank you for your constructive reply, and the link to useful information that you have taken the trouble to compile.