Map not showing on wiki pages

Hi all! Can anyone let me know the reason why the map is not showing up on the wiki pages despite being already linked to wikidata item? This issue is going on with some Vietnamese administrative boundaries, including [][] [] [] and [].

Thanks a lot!

Is there a proper link on that Wiki page?
Better ask your question there I think?

Which wiki page?

The wiki pages the corresponds to each of those relations that I listed, their links can be found there.

Hi Sandal Man!
I didn’t know there are improper links, can you be more specific about that? Like how is a link considered improper.

That is not a OSM issue but a Wiki thing

So for example ?

Then you need to ask on that Wiki - OSM is not controlling at all their deployment and infrastructure. OSM data should be available already in data dumps and minutely updates, it is up to data consumers to update their copy of OSM data.

Maybe someone can help you if you point which kind of map you expect.

Another wiki user asked a possibly similar question on the other help forum recently:

I looked at the OSM data involved in that question and couldn’t find anything wrong or unusual, so arrived at a similar conclusion to the above answers, that it would need to be looked at from the Wikipedia side.