map mit tempolimit

für mein Projekt brauche ich echte teststrecken mit echten tempolimits-schilder,ich habe lang gesucht im internet aber leider nichts gefunden.
kann man vom openstreetmap irgendwie für eine bestimmte route das maxtempolimit abfragen ?

So you are looking for ways with real maxspeed signs? see for detailed data for motorways in Germany.

If these ways have a maxspeed tag also in the OSM data, you can grab it from there, too.

See in detail … there are links to online maps where streets with different max speed are in a different colour.

i’ve already read it,but its difficult to pickup the maxspeed for my road from this colored map.
what i’m looking for is a way to give a road from A to B and get back the maxspeed for this road,i think its i kind of maxspeed query,but i don’ know how to do it.