"Map Matching Tool" for postprocessing of GPX tracks?

Dear fellow mappers from Belgium

I am looking for map matching of GPX tracks and found this “Map Matching Tool” (*) from Gent.

  1. Does anyone know this online tool and are there any sources (papers, source code) for it?
  2. Does anyone know of other tools for matching GPX tracks, which often have anomalies (dropouts/abbreviations, “oscillating”)?

Best regards, Stefan (SOSM Switzerland)

[*] Map Matching Tool | Exposure Tools

In the meantime, I have found these two frameworks: GitHub - amillb/pgMapMatch: map-matching of GPS traces and GitHub - mie-lab/trackintel: trackintel is a framework for spatio-temporal analysis of movement trajectory and mobility data. . Both are based on the Python language and on OpenStreetMap data. And both seem to be actively maintained - especially the latter.

Other libraries that I know have map matching:

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Heh, I did find someone who knows those folks - they asked if you used the contact form :slight_smile:

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