Map Maker Dot

Hi Everyone,

I m using OSM with java. I can create a dot map maker on my map, but I don t know how to make it possible to be selected and having all the mouse events.

Thanks in advance.

What di you mean with “I m using OSM with java” in detail???

Do you use raw OSM XML data, or rendered tile graphics from an own or public server?

And what software do you use exactly to display something? Is it own code? or any known framework like leaflet-js, openlayers, khtml or similar? But those are NOT Java …

Thank you for your response.

I’m writing a simple application (not a web application) in java where I need to visualise and manipulate a map using the OSM package. I need to add some map marker dots, save them in a DB and then use them when I need.
I edit the map using jmap viewer:

JMapViewer map = new JMapViewer();
DefaultMapController mapController = new DefaultMapController(map);

My problem is how to make my points (that I bring their positions from my DB) selectionable in a way that when I have many points displayed on the map I can select one of them just by clicking on it.

I think I have to add some actionlistener, but I don’t know how.

Maybe you can find some hints about your quite special topics at:

the OSM wiki in category=Java … … search for Java or JMapViewer

at one of the OSM mailing lists … … try the dev or talk list

Or try at