Map Load Error

Access but doesn’t load, sult spins :frowning:

You could try another provider in the mean time:
or the Hot export tool:

Though opens for me and the server status is fine
with latest of Firefox, Cliqz, Safari, Chrome, Tor.

Thanks nevw, this is what I get

And when ask for “Generic Routable” it just spins

No problem here: Firefox 59.0.2 on Win 10 64 bit

OK, found it! Tried Firefox, thanks GerdP, and worked so went back to Chrome and saw that blocked a tracking cookie from

Now works

Hi Zstatman,

please note that the page
is not a service offered by, it just uses OSM data to create maps for Garmin.


Know GerdP that but .org attaches several tracking cookies to the .nl map page most likely to “allow” the map to be generated.

Not saying this is “bad” but appears to be necessary

We can close this topic

Tks again to all for their help/input