map languages - chinese in romanised / pinyin instead of characters

Hi All

I’m struggling to get a map of Shanghai with place names converted to pinyin, or romanised names instead of the chinese characters, in order to use with GarminEdge Bicycle navigation system. Any advice is very welcome


You will get better responses for anything Garmin related on the Garmin maps sub-forum. You also need to specify which tool or website you used to create the Garmin map.

On a quick sample it does seem that 上海 does have name:en on most roads at least, although there would be no reason why this would be generally true in China The name:en isn’t actually the English name, it is a hybrid of the pinyin and for the the real name part and English for the type of road, but it is probably what you want.

Mechanical transliteration is not completely reliable, as characters can have more than one pinyin variant, even before considering tones.

As best I remember, Shanghai’s local language is not Mandarin, so the pinyin forms will not reflect the local pronunciations of the names, although I imagine everyone will also know the Mandarin (普通话) pronunciation. although maybe with a heavy accent.