map in English and not the local language


Does anyone know how can I see the map in English in any location in the world and not in the local language?

Thank you


Choose a rendering that does that. The cycle and transport layers do this, or rather display both the English name and the primary name, if the former is present and different.

The cycle and transport maps are loss leaders for a custom map provider. They could probably sell you one customised to do this.

At one time, there was also a rendering that used a base map, with no text, and superimposed text layers based on a priority list of acceptable languages. I don’t think that server is still being funded.

I think some of the editors will also prefer the user’s language, if it is present in the map.

You can also render it yourself, from the raw data.

The ability to display name:en depends on its actually having been provided by mappers, or the renderer using a transliteration algorithm.

Here is name:en+name map version, with forked default style:

however there are also other styles available on