Map has red ans yellow lines

i am trying since more than a week to download maps. either maps cant
be downloaded or they have red and yellow lines without any sense.

e.g. , germany or austria, or …
converted with maptools -P -i …

or is there any problem in maptools ?
JOSM stops loading the map with an error.

any idea ?
THY Mario

Please post a screen shot, that would help a lot for people to debug the issue.

i translate the error message of JOSM from german to english:

file austria-latest.osm.bz2 couldnt be read.
illegal value 0 for attribute “changeset” in line 4, row 112.

the file austria-latest.osm.bz2 was downloaded 30 Minutes ago from geofabrik.
JOSM Version 11427, java version 1.8.0_171 on debian 9.4
JOSM on Windows 8 is version 14026 and shows with another download from geofabrik the same error.


Did you read this notice on the Geofabrik download page?

That’s the reason for your issue. Try downloading the extract with full metadata instead.

I never thought what this notice could mean!

But as previous, navit with a map full of red, yellow and white lines !!! Horrible !!!
I can download only a “pbf” file, which cant be imported by JOSM.


As asked previously…
Please post a screen shot, that would help a lot for people to debug the issue.
…and to show curious people like me what you are talking about.

@EduardoMario: I think it would be helpful if you could describe your issue in your own language. There are many country specific subforums here, maybe you should try them instead:

All we know is that you want to “download some maps” since a week, but you didn’t mention for which application, or what you want to do with it. That’s not a good starting point to answer your question.

Here is a screenshot of my problem.
Its the center of vienna.
I would like to download a map for navit.
Last week was down, so i tried to download from GEOFABRIK,
without any success.
Now is up and i got a binary download which displays correct.
My Problem is solved, but the problem with GEOFABRIK and MAPTOOLS is still present.

THX, Mario