Map feedback - Denmark

Hi Denmark OSM community,

I’m Salim Baidoun, the Global community and partnership manager at TomTom.

In TomTom’s endeavour to improve OSM, we plan to conduct edits based on user input. This activity is the result of checking if feedback received for the TomTom map is also valid for OSM.Note that, starting with a small number, we will only perform edits if they add value to the OSM map, do not conflict with any recent edits made by the community, and are supported by a local source.

In the absence of credible source material, we will reach out to the local community for guidance.We will start with editing POIs, land use, addresses, and highways during this activity. Over time, we will evaluate more feedback and expand to other features.

You can refer to the Denmark GitHub issue section ‘Edits based on map feedback’ for further details regarding the types of planned edits.The MapRoulette challenge used for these edits will be accessible only for our editing team as it could contain confidential information.

Along with the #tomtom hashtag that accompanies every TomTom edit in OSM, we will also add the #tt_mapfeedback to the changeset if it is an incidental edit resulting from user feedback.We plan to start with Denmark in 2 weeks along with a selection of countries for which there is available user input, and then expand to other countries.

Please reach out to me if you have any thoughts or questions about this upcoming activity and let me know if you have any questions or comments.

As we progress, we will of course take into account any feedback we receive from you about this activity.

Have a great week!