Map changes on maximum zoom ...


I’ve just started editing yesterday with the Poltlach 2. I’ve done some corrections here:

You may see three parallel bridges: bike, foot and bike again.

Now, when I zoom in to maximum, I see the second one disappears while the 3rd becomes road bridge (This had been the situation before I’ve edited). Is it me who made a mistake while editing?

Moreover there is a path by the riverside (next to the two bridges on the left) which I drew. This one disappear as well on the max zoom.


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When new entries only show up in some zoom levels, then the most likely explanation is that only the tiles in some zoom levels have been updated so far. Depending on server load, it takes a while until all changes have been rendered.

As of now, I can see the 3 bridges in all zoom levels. If you can’t, maybe your browser is caching the old tiles?

Also have a look at the relevant entry in the FAQ page.