map background display

I code a software in QT in which I display an openstreetmap map under WINDOWS 10
the card is displayed correctly on some PCs and not on others.
Is this a graphics card problem?
If anyone had this problem and solved it I’m a taker.
Thank you

We’d need a lot more information to be able to answer you.
-What does “display an openstreetmap map” mean in your particular case? Is it a raster or vector rendering? Is it one you’ve created yourself or one being hosted by a third-party? What style is being used?
-What does “not displayed correctly” mean? Does it display but with the wrong style? Does it display partially? Does it not display at all?

So far, you’ve basically said “it doesn’t work” without specifying what “it” is or what “doesn’t work” means. Remember, we know nothing about your project, so you need to describe it to us.