How to label streets? It seems that ‘Soi 5’ is not enough.

Is there any contemplation of a mapping meeting such as are common in Germany here?

For me, maps are to show places for bicycles to go! One other user mentioned bicycles, is there any interest? The Cycle Map just shows cycle routes, and none anywhere near here. It should be possible to make a map based on personal observation of a roads suitability for biking.

I’ve also learned a lesson: Google maps are full of mistakes.

Cheers, Sam

I found this interesting:

Regards, Sam

Hi Sam,

I’m one of those guilty of mapping some sois just as “Soi 5” for example.

If we map the full name like “Thanon Sukhumvit Soi 5” this is the right name. But usually it will not fit on the map (too long).

We have the “rule” in OpenStreetMap to not map for a renderer. So this does not really count as an excuse, but personally I’m in no hurry fixing it.

Mapnik would need a mechanism to automatically shorten street names in case they are too long for the map.
It could detect a “Soi” and throw away the main street name in front of it in case there is no room for the label. But that is yet to be implemented.

We’re quite a small community. 65% of the nodes are created by only ten persons, 80% by twenty.
If we agree on a way to handle the sois it can be be easily implemented.