Making print in 1:8720


I want to make a print for my room out of a place named Hokksund to Drammen (Norway) in 1:8720 so I can get the street names.

I have found the cordinates, and I am able to export a png image, but not in the correct scale.

Top: 59.7470
Left: 10.1896
Bottom: 59.7344
Right: 10.2224

Any help?

This isn’t really an intended use of the main site, so you should really find a site (probably commercial, or at least advertising based) that does provide this sort of service without relying on OSM tile servers.

However, you can always download all the relevant tiles and reassemble them in an image editor, or, if you just want an enlarged version of something standard, you can export as SVG or PDF and use offline tools to scale it to any size you like.

There are, or were, sites, that will render a street atlas from OSM data.

There may be a few pointers on the wiki page , and also some of these questions at the help site might be useful: