Making a changeset for a new way

Hi folks,

I am trying to make a changeset-file that adds a few nodes and a new way using these nodes. I am doing this in python, by first making a dictionary and then writing it to an xml-file using the xmltodict module. I have been able to make a simple way by connecting two existing nodes. I know this works since osrm routes along this new short-cut route. But when I try to add new nodes along that way the new way is ignored, so I must be doing something wrong. Here is the changeset with a new node in the middle of the new way.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<osmChange version="0.6" generator="acme osm editor">
                <node id="10263105667" changeset="1" timestamp="2023-03-21T21:37:45Z" version="1" lat="10.659116000000001" lon="59.827652">
                <tag k="amenity" v="school"/>
                <way id="1122147596" changeset="1" timestamp="2023-03-21T21:37:45Z" version="1">
                        <nd ref="8116323496"></nd>
                        <nd ref="10263105667"></nd>
                        <nd ref="8116345054"></nd>
                        <tag k="highway" v="primary"></tag>
                        <tag k="maxspeed" v="80"></tag>
                        <tag k="name" v="Snarveien"></tag>
                        <tag k="ref" v="159"></tag>
                        <tag k="surface" v="asphalt"></tag>

I then use osmosis to generate an updated file:

osmosis --read-xml-change file=“changeset.xml” --read-pbf file=“norway-latest.osm.pbf” --apply-change --write-pbf file=“updated.osm.pbf” omitmetadata=true

Any glaring errors here?

What problem are you trying to solve that requires you to add new ways (or nodes to existing ways) in Python?

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I am not required to use python, just what I am most familiar with. It is for a project where we want to simulate the impact of new roads. It will be for internal use, so I to not intend to push these changes to the public map.


Hmm I’m surprised that creating new elements with “regular” ids works, but OK maybe osmosis ignores that they aren’t placeholders.

But if I understand you correctly you just want to add a new node to the already existing way? Then the way should be in a “modify” section, not in a “create” one.

I wanted to create a new way, with new nodes. It turns out what I had done was working, except I had switched lon/lat so the route was not very competitive! I have also changed to negative IDs as you suggested. Thanks for the input.

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