make yandex maps as background for osm

hello to all osms team
How i can import a part of yandex maps into osm or make yandex maps as a background for osm maps for the purpose of editing and adding streets and points of interest

abdulla albahrani

You must not do this!

As a general rule, only the maps and aerial imagery that can already be selected as backgrounds, have a licence that permits their use as a source for OSM.

Apparently there is some limited permission to use their equivalent of Google Street View (GSV itself is forbidden as a source), but not their maps:

Even if the data were licensed for OSM, you should not just import it into OSM. All imported data needs to be checked, not least to ensure that it isn’t already present. As a result, there is a formal approval process before you can import data.

(Newly licensed material may not be available as an overlay in an editor, but there will still be information, in the wiki, detailing the licence, if it is an allowed source.)

yes , i want to do that , i want to use yandex satellite maps as background int osm

Want to do what? The permission mentioned on the Russia page does not include using their satellite or aerial imagery for any purpose at all. The permission seems to be in terms of getting fine details, e.g. number of floors, once you already know the position and outline, by other means.

At the moment, the only way you can use their maps or aerial imagery is by contacting their legal department, and asking them to contact the OSM management to grant them a formal licence to use the information within OSM, confirming that they have the right to actually grant that licence, and also granting a right to use their tile servers for that purpose. The tile servers need to serve tiles that are compatible with the slippy map conventions used within the OSM software.

Once that licence has been approved, you should find that the maps become available as a background in the editors, and you can use them in the normal way.

The existing material I have found suggests that they may well not have the right to grant such a licence. As they are a commercial map provider, they may well not see a commercial advantage in licensing the rights that they do have.

thank you hadw for reply
yandex satalite maps has latest update for my region and world while bing and google have old maps, i feel sad for that

Google cannot be used for OSM.

The images that Bing allow to be used with OSM are generally older images, and they don’t allow the oblique images. When you are relying on donations from profit making companies, you cannot expect the best material that is available.

If you want to improve your region by mapping streets you can do that using aerial imagery made available by Bing, DigitalGlobe, Mapbox or Esri. There may be other open data available for your region, otherwise using other maps (Yandex, Bing, Google etc) or closed databases as source is not welcome. If you know POIs in your region from survey or local knowledge you may add them according to your knowledge.
After a quick look it seems that Yandex Satellite sources imagery from DigitalGlobe a lot, so take a look at DigitalGlobe as it may be the same.

If you need help with first steps or editors you can always seek out guides (like this), go through the iD tutorial or ask for help with specific steps.