Make roads wider!

All of the roads should be wider at least on the higher zoom levels.
This would make the map look physically closer to whats it is in satellite.

Im not in charge here on OSM so i cant make it happened, but can somebody who is responsible press the right buttons (programs it) so it would render the roads wider in the OSM map?

As far as i can think, I dont see any reason not to implement it.
Can we make it reality this 2018 year?

You can use to map wide roads more precisely.

The discussion about rendering is here, if you have something new to add, go ahead:

Rendering “area:highway” would help where people have mapped those, but that’s far from widespread. It is however possible to create a map with any width highway you like. There’s a series of widths (and casing widths) at - try experimenting with different values there. If you want help with setting things up have a look at , and etc.

Thanks for the replies.

KOCIO & SOMEONEELSE, i use only the browser based iD editor. I dont know to use github and dont know how it works.

So if i use the key “area:highway” will it be rendered the same way as rivers, invisible stream in the middle and rivermarks shows visually the edges?

it will make no difference at all for the map you see on Though, there is at least 1 rendering by a Polish developer that will properly show the area:highway., see

Yea, tried the key “area:highway” but it didnt show on the map.

There is the old way of making random size area by using two tags:
Key:area - yes
Key:highway - service


Sure, but that’s not for mapping the area covered by a street, it’s for plazas. That is, an area like a pedestrian square where there’s no clear direction of travel.

So it’s not an alternative to area:highway, which is for mapping the shape/expanse of a linear street.

The are lots of different maps. If someone creates one based on it will show it. Don’t worry about what the “standard” map shows; that is a very general map style. For any particular feature that you’re interested in there will always be a specialist map that shows it better.

What you can definitely do within OSM is to map the things that you can measure (like width for roads, for example).