Make private relations

Hello Everybody!

OpenStreetmaps knows relations and they are used in order to show the borders of a city (Example: ).
I want to make my own relations, which should show the borders of an area. It’s for newspaper routing. Every employee has an area, where here brings the newspaper to the homes. All the areas are handwritten in a map of my city and now I would like to have digital cards with borders in it.

How can I make my relations, which I do not want to share with anybody? Can I somehow render the maps with my relations, or do I have to set up my own openstreetmap-server, where I can save my relations?

I am new at OpenStreetmap, thank you for this great opportunity to get help.

PS: As I am german, I will post it on german, too:

Hallo allerseits.

In OpenStreetmaps gibt es ja Relationen, mit deren Hilfe z.B. Stadtgrenzen angezeigt werden: (Example: ).
Ich möchte nun gerne eigene Relationen erstellen, die aber für die Allgemeinheit eher weniger interessant sind: Für eine Zeitung sollen die Gebiete neu aufgeteilt werden, in denen die Mitarbeiter die Zeitungen verteilen. Aktuell sind die Gebiete handschriftlich in Karten eingetragen, etc, alles eine sehr unbefriedigende Lösung, so möchte ich das digitalisieren!

Dazu muss ich Relationen erstellen, die ich nicht mit der Welt teilen möchte, und diese Relationen mit OSM-Daten rendern. Wie kann ich das machen? Muss ich einen OpenStreetmap-Server haben?

Da ich neu bei OpenStreetmap bin, bin ich für jede Hilfe dankbar!

First, everything added to OpenStreetMap is public. So don’t add anything you want to keep private.

But you can use a map based on OpenStreetMap, and show other layers on top.
So you could map your areas, and save them as a GPX or KML file. Then you can use OpenLayers or Leaflet to create a slippy map, with those layers on top.
Look at something like this example:

Or for an easier way, you could try uMap:
That lets you add markers or draw shapes directly on top of the map, or you can import GPX/KML files etc. Note any maps created on there are public by default, but there is an option to make them private.

Thank you, very much! The OpenLayers-Example is exactly, what I need. I just have one problem. How can I export an png from the OpenLayer?

In this case it can be helpful to start a question in the quite active German subforum on this site … maybe there are even more specialists about technical OSM questions :wink: